Our Team

Director / Teacher, Educational Leader & Nominated Supervisor
Debra – Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) Stage 1

Michelle – Bachelor of Teaching
Teachers hold Bachelors in Early
Childhood Education from University

Diploma of Children’s Services
Leah – Diploma of Children’s Services
Jo – Diploma of Children’s Services

Aleah – Diploma of Children’s Services
Diploma of Children’s Services is a TAFE
Accredited Course


Advanced Child Care Workers
Kay – Advanced Child Care Worker
Jackie – Advanced Child Care Worker
Sam – Advanced Child Care Worker
Advanced Child Care Worker is a Certificate
level TAFE Accredited Course


Relief Educators
Liz – Diploma of Children’s Services
Adam – Diploma of Children’s Services

Gemma – Advanced Child Care Worker


Trainee Educator
Linda – Advanced Child Care Worker (Training for Diploma)

Tracey – Advanced Child Care Worker (Training for Diploma)

Penny – Advanced Child Care Worker (Training for Diploma)

Administration – Erin- Cert III Business Administration

House Duties – Kelly (Cleaner)

Suitably qualified Educators are appointed to each room each year. Our Rotation Policy ensures that each group of children are accompanied by a familiar Educators as they progress from room to room.

All Educators work rotating shifts between 7.30am and 6.30pm. Each year staff rotate rooms to work with different age groups, according to our transition policies. Also throughout the year we have TAFE/University students.