The Centre’s History

Supporting children families and the immediate community with lifelong learning since 1986

Hastings Preschool & Long Day Care Centre was built in 1986 as a not-for-profit centre that provides care and educational programs for children aged 0 to 6 years.

Hastings Council, Department of Housing and the local preschool management committees formed a steering committee to build the centre and hand over to a parent management committee. Today the preschool continues to operate as a community based, not for profit long day care centre and preschool.

The land continues to be leased from Hastings Council and parents continue to manage the preschool. This is an outstanding achievement and a sign of the centre’s successful operation by staff and parents each year.

As a not for profit, community based centre, we are grateful to Department of Housing and Hastings Council for their assistance with the land and building over the years. Successful grant submissions in past years has enabled management to extend and build a rich sustainable environment of wonder and excitement. Past building renovation has focused on colours, tones and textures of the earth, play is natural and engulfing and where children and staff enjoy their day and work.

Generations of local families and staff have brought their children to Hastings Preschool & Long Day Care Centre. The children are now returning with their own children to the warm friendly supportive place they call their own.

We also acknowledge and appreciate the generous response of past and present families and the community when we reach out for help to achieve our goals.

If you appreciate our vision and would like to share in our holistic nurturing and peaceful learning environment for you and your child or if you would just like more information please get in touch.

Contact Alece on 02 6584 9211