Strong voices with the
community park projects

Kelly from Hastings Council came to preschool in February last year and showed us how we could make earth colours by looking at Aboriginal art and colours in the Northern Territory. Kelly invited Red room to paint stepping stones for Oxide Park that was to undergo renovation. At a morning meeting the children voted to visit the park and have a say in what they would like council to do.

On many Monday’s we went on excursions to the park with the help of a team of parents. We explored and collected, ran, jumped, talked and took lots of photos to take back to preschool to study and discuss. Discussions found we liked the natural adventures but saw the sadness of the messy parts of the park. The children voted to contact Kelly at council and ask if we could meet with the landscape designer. Kelly and Kate came to Red room; we formed a plan to work through over the next months to help council to make the park a happy place by drawing our happy park wishes. In November our mural was presented to Council for the opening ceremony in December. What a great morning this was when we all turned up with the Mayor and the local community to celebrate our combined achievements.

Kelly and Kate liked our ideas so have asked us to join another project this year and help with the Muston Street Park. These projects are strengthening our voices for change in our world.

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